Escape The Cleveland Winter! Last Minute Deal to West Palm Beach $212

Beach, from $212 roundtrip

CABIN: Economy
FROM: Cleveland, Ohio
TO: , Florida PBI
PRICE: from $212 each way*
BOOK:  while available
TRAVEL: 21 January – 25 January, 2019

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About West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is a mid-sized city (around 100,000 residents) in the South Florida (Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach) Metropolitan area, which has over 5.5 million people. There are over 40 miles of beautiful beaches in Palm Beach County. The proximity of the Gulf Stream keeps the waters warm year-round. A nearby public beach in the city of Palm Beach has lifeguards during the day, and is easily accessible. 

West Palm Beach is the nightlife hub of Palm Beach County. CityPlace, about 4 blocks West of the Intracoastal Waterfront has dozens of restaurants, a club with a live band every night, two or three outside bars, a dance club and more.

A beach activity unique to Florida is watching rocket launches out over the ocean. Rockets lifting off from Cape Canaveral are visible during both daylight and night hours, although night and early morning launches are significantly more impressive. From most beaches, looking directly north up the coast will orient you correctly. Launches are visible from anywhere in Florida, but the ocean guarantees a clear view and night launches often reflect in the water. [read more]